My top 5 tips to looking and feeling sexy

“Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind.”

-Amisha Patel

Welcome back to The Monica Way!

In my first ever fitness post I wanted to share my top 5 tips on how I keep myself feeling sexy! These tips are just a few easy ways that I stay healthy and feeling at my best, I hope you find them useful.

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  1. The 5:2 rule!

I feel sexy when I eat well and I try to ensure I eat foods that make me feel good.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know I have a rather concerning obsession with Ferrero Rocher’s and sushi. I enjoy my food and I would never eliminate food that I love to look a certain way.

The dietary rule that I follow is what I call the 5:2 rule. It’s easy to follow and doesn’t require too much self-discipline (once you get the hang of it). Essentially the 5:2 rule means to eat clean from Monday to Friday and then to allow some indulgence over the weekend (this doesn’t mean going crazy). Things like meal prep and carrying a water bottle around with you can help with avoiding cravings for sugary drinks and processed foods.


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  1. Treat yourself to some beautiful gym gear

There’s nothing I love more than showcasing my new gym outfit.

“Clothing can be empowering in everyday life, and when it comes to working out, it can contribute to our confidence levels and raise our self-esteem”. There’s even a psychological phenomenon called “enclothed cognition” which supports the idea that the clothes you wear can affect your mentality and thus increase your performance and overall confidence levels.



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  1. Find a workout buddy

If you’re looking to start working out but you’re struggling with confidence or motivation, you probably aren’t the only one!

Finding a buddy with similar fitness aspirations could be the key to your fitness journey. You can motivate each other, have a laugh on the job and push each other to get a workout in (even on the days you don’t really fancy it).

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  1. Set a fitness goal

This is a BIG one for me.

A fitness goal doesn’t need to be something super extravagant like running a marathon or completing a triathlon (although it can be if you feel that way inclined). A fitness goal needs to be something that’s attainable and personal to you. My past fitness goals have included doing a weekly run and being able to do 20 unassisted pull-ups.

Setting fitness goals are great because they give you a measurable challenge and also a great sense of achievement on completion.

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  1. Make a routine

I find that when I write down a workout timetable I follow it much better than just an idea in my head.

Workout timetables can come in varying formats. I like to plan my week by signing up to the gym classes I want to attend and then I work around that to incorporate any self/home workouts I may want to do on top of classes.

If you’re just starting out it may be worth setting a goal of working out twice a week and then building on that. If you’re struggling for motivation perhaps aim to discover new gym classes as this might reignite your love of fitness and help find what works best for you.

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And these are top 5 tips to looking and feeling sexy! I hope you enjoyed them and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Stay kind, stay sexy.

With love,