Going vegan with my skincare

A couple of weeks ago I experienced my first ever vegan facial…and it was amazing!

Having recently taken the plunge to use solely vegan friendly makeup products, it only seemed right to continue this ethos across all of my beauty regimes.

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As a mid-week treat, I took a little trip to the Spa Experience in Bethnal Green to try out the new Vegan Elemis Facial range. The spa was cosy and calm; the perfect place to unwind if you live in central London. I’ve always been such a big fan of Elemis as a luxury skin care brand, so I was delighted to discover that their vegan range was available so close by.

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When I asked which product my beautician would most recommend from the vegan range she quickly responded “the superfood facial oil is an absolute must”. Having tried it, I can wholeheartedly vouch for this!

But why a vegan facial?

Leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle is a process that involves small and regular changes to your everyday habits. It’s really been important to me to start to cut down on non-recyclable plastics, eat less animal by-produce and to gradually eliminate all makeup that’s been tested on animals from my makeup bag. By exploring brands which are actively making efforts to go vegan, I now have a little list of go-to brands which I know are cruelty free and vegan friendly (you’ll start to notice this trend emerging in upcoming blogs posts..vegan skincare GALORE).




The products

The products used in the Elemis Vegan facial are all plant-based botanicals and free from animal derived ingredients, including lanolin, animal derived squalene, gelatin, uric acid, carmine and keratin. On top of this, they smell absolutely amazing.

The Treatment

The facial itself took place in one of the private treatment rooms within the spa.


The room was warm, serene and tranquil with a gentle murmur of panpipes playing in the background. My beautician, Bilkiss, was accommodating and helpful, explaining the ways in which she would apply the products to my face and how they would help the affected areas of my skin.

The entire treatment lasted about 30 minutes and I can honestly say it was the most relaxing 30 minutes ever, a real treat.  As part of the spa package I was given access to spa thermal pools to use before or after my treatment. I’d been at work all day so couldn’t wait to delve right in.

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The thermal spa includes monsoon showers, saunas, an icy plunge pool (my fave), Turkish baths and a relaxation room with complimentary fruit and infused waters – such a lovely way to spend an evening after a long day!

The results

I must admit, the days following the treatment I did see my skin breakout slightly, although I was warned by my beautician that this could happen. Skin can sometimes take the treatment as a sign to detox and therefore flush the sebum and dead skin cells built up in the pores causing a breakout. After the first two days when my breakout had subsided, I noticed a real glow to my skin and my neck felt much softer too.

Favourite part?

I would say my favourite part of the whole experience was knowing that I can still have access to top of the range skin care but without the guilt and impact associated with using animal tested products..not to mention how good my face smelt afterwards… I kept insisting on my boyfriend to smell my face…he secretly enjoyed it…


Why invest in a facial?

Skin is your body’s largest organ and as a result, it serves as a protective barrier between your insides and the rest of the world. Believe it or not, your skin is affected by every single aspect of your lifestyle from what you eat to where you live.

Living in London is amazing but it certainly comes with its downsides such as pollution and hard water. Small investments like a monthly facial could help fight the signs of aging and stave off potential diseases resulting from unhealthy skin.

Would I recommend?

If you’re looking to treat your skin and spend a relaxing afternoon in a thermal spa (ahem, who isn’t)..then yes, I would totally recommend a day here.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Spa Experience spas are really great value for money without the compromise of the high quality products that we all love (Elemis, CND, Ashmira Botanica, Fake Bake).


If a facial is something you’re considering but aren’t sure of, feel free to contact me with questions or if you prefer, you can check out the facial treatments online to see what would work best for you!

I hope you found this post informative and I would love to hear your thoughts on vegan skincare.