A game changer in youthful cosmetics: Trinny London

Last weekend I was privileged to have been invited to the Trinny London VIP apartments at Bicester Village.

For those of you unfamiliar with Trinny London, the brand was established just under a year ago and founded by none other than Trinny Woodall (you will most likely know her from What Not to Wear or her incredibly entertaining Instagram videos).

I was absolutely delighted to be offered a Trinny London makeover as part of the experience.

The look that was achieved by the products was new to me. It was a bright and youthful finish that remained full of colour whilst being natural, lightweight and breathable. As someone who usually focuses all on the eyes (winged liner and false lashes, the whole shebang), the products used enabled my MUA to experiment and try a look more focused on the skin and lips with a much softer and understated eye.


I was amazed by the variation and diversity of the products available, especially for a brand so new on the market. Every product exceeded expectations; a tribute to the Trinny London team who have clearly taken great care to ensure that the quality and composition of each product is faultless. From the beautiful fresh summery scents of the creamy products through to the fun stackable packaging (the makeup pots are all stackable, perfect for travelling or if you like lego, like me) no corners were cut.

Stackable packaging
Creamy contours in stackable pots

The idea behind the Trinny London products is not to heavily mask the face but rather to enhance the features already there, thus lending to ones natural beauty. All of the products in the range are cream based products which gives them a really soft and delicate finish.  The use of creamy consistencies also prevents that blotchy and fragmented effect that can sometimes result from mixing powers with creams, perfect for the hot weather.

My two must haves: BFF CREAM and Lip2Cheek in shade PIA

From the range, my two favourite products had to be the BFF cream which is a super light base cream( omg it smells DELICIOUS) and also the Lip2Cheek in shade PIA (a multi-use product for the both lips and cheeks).

Since receiving the BFF cream I’ve been wearing it constantly. It gives me skin a really beautiful shot of radiance yet leaves my face appearing makeup free, I call it makeupless makeup. It’s perfect as either a base for your makeup or for a quick injection of colour for the gym. The Lip2Cheek is another product I just can’t get enough of. Not only does it smell INSANE but it can also be layered up to create a hot pink lip or can be gently dabbed on the apple of the cheeks to create a subtle and delicate blushed effect.

Lip2Cheek on both my lips and cheeks

What I love about the whole collection is it’s versatility, unlike other makeup brands, Trinny London has no age boundary.

The products are ageless and adaptable, I would buy Trinny London products as a gift for my little sister but also for my mum, not many brands I know would have this boundless capability.

Whilst Trinny London is still a baby in terms of London based makeup brands, I know for sure that this brand will continue to grow at a rapid pace. I already have my eyes on a couple of other products I want to test (cue pay day).


I am loving this makeup bag!

I’ve fallen in love with the whole essence of Trinny London as the products truly reflect their founder: chic, functional and trend forward. If you need any recommendations for products/shades feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly through my Instagram.

Thanks so much Trinny London for the wonderful day out and I look forward to the future of Trinny London.