2018, A Blank Canvas makeover

Welcome back to The Monica Way! I hope you’re enjoying the new year and getting into the swing of January.

For some, the new year means new year’s resolutions and changing old habits, for others it’s an opportunity for a completely fresh start and way of life.  For me, the new year is all about achieving the goals I’ve set for myself, building on my skills and opening the door to new opportunities and experiences.

In today’s blog I’m going to be showing you my New Year weekend makeup look using the Deluxe Hamper Set from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

This look takes around twenty minutes to apply and is perfect for daytime events or a casual evening rendezvous.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics makeover using the Deluxe Gift Box set

The hamper comes complete with all the staples needed to create a sultry but natural makeup look. Inside the box you can find a 5 piece brush set, the F01 Face Brush, the Pippa for Blank Canvas Palette, the Winging IT Eyeliner, the Borderline Eyeliner, the Blank Canvas Brush Soap and a beautiful Blank Canvas Gift Candle.


The colours in the hamper are perfect if you’re like me and don’t like to feel caked in heavy makeup and thick consistencies.  I like my skin makeup to be light and fresh in warm golden tones, peaches and tans.


After priming my face, I started this look by applying a basic contour using the Blank Canvas 10 Cream Contour palette. The palette is super easy to use and blends seamlessly. As I wouldn’t contour on an average day, I followed a basic contour guide as an outline.

A basic contour guide
Applying the contour using the E44 Flat Brush


FO1 Face Brush and 10 Cream Contour Palette

To blend the contour cream I used the F20 Flat Buffer Brush followed by the F22 Round Buffer Brush. The creams are lightweight and a medium coverage which render them perfect for a more natural and soft look.


I wanted to create a really bold and alluring effect for the eye segment of this look. When choosing eye makeup shades, I often stick to the rules of the complimentary colour wheel. Orange is the opposite of blue on the colour wheel; therefore, if you have blue eyes try  colours with orange undertones like golds, champagnes, browns and tans. For those of you with brown eyes, its little more flexible, I find that shades of Merlot and deep purple can really bring clarity to dark eyes whilst pinks and salmons can make dark eyes pop.

The Pippa For Blank Canvas Palette

Running a thick brush of the shade Susu from the Pippa for Blank Canvas Palette, along my eye line and lash line, I kept the eye-shadow really simple. To widen and enlarge the appearance of my eyes, I applied a thin winged eye using the Winging IT Eyeliner and a touch of the shade Lily on the inner corner of my eye.

To finish off this look, I added a few light strokes of the shade Armour just below my cheek bone and a light dab of the shade Lulu to the tip of my nose, cheek bone and brow bone.


I love this look as its simple and easy to create. The warm colours add a real sense of youth and invigoration during these duller months, without looking overly chaotic. The Pippa palette is compact and can be carried around in a small purse (handy if you get caught in the January rain and need a quick top up).

This is definitely my go-to look for this January. It’s super quick and gives me the extra time needed to focus on the other tasks and daily errands that come with the new year.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this look in the comments, or if you have any questions feel free to contact me. Have a lovely week and thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “2018, A Blank Canvas makeover

  1. Your skin always looks amazing! This was super interesting to read and I had no idea there was so much to contouring! But love how you make it so easy to do! Really helpful post lovely xx


  2. afairytaleofmyown

    You look gorgeous as always! I haven’t tried anything from Black Canvas but I would love to. I’m a sucker for a new makeup brush 💓


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